High Density

High Density trash bags are ideal for use in office wastebaskets, kitchens, lunchrooms, restrooms and wherever the trash bag will not be subjected to sharp, pointy or rough edges that may puncture the bag. High Density (HDPE, HD or Hi-D) garbage bags are less resistant to tears once punctured and therefore should never be used if the possibility exists that anything within the contents of the bag may be sharp or rough.

High Density can liners are very strong and handle higher load capacities than Linear Low Density (LLDPE) trash bags and are generally half the cost, take up less space and are more portable due to the coreless roll packaging (lay flat packaging is also available). High Density trash liners also have an extremely wide range of temperature resistance from -40 degrees F to +212 degrees F (boiling).

High Density trash bags are ideal for grass clippings, rags, cloths, paper towels, office paper, cups, paper plates, food waste and various other waste that is not sharp or rough. Browse our extensive line of High Density garbage bags by clicking any of the categories below.

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